Design Your Mastermind Group and Build Your Marketing Plan...In One Day
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The Secret: Take One Day to Build Your Mastermind Group

By Karyn Greenstreet

Design Your Mastermind Group and Build Your Marketing Plan…In One Day

Mastermind Success Accelerator: Virtual VIP Intensive

When you’re a busy professional, it’s hard to carve out time to plan your mastermind group business. If you’re an expert, consultant or trainer who wants to launch and leverage mastermind groups quickly then this event will help you:

  • make clear decisions and design your mastermind group model
  • create a clear plan for marketing to your best prospective members
  • grow your mastermind group business, profits and impact

Get moving on your profitable mastermind groups and get it done! No more putting it off – now is the time to take action.

How I do it…

Each year I design several new mastermind groups from the ground up: new audience, new focus, new marketing campaign. It’s a lot of work and requires a lot of deep thinking and decision-making.

And every year I struggled to carve out the time to stop my everyday work and focus deeply on getting a new mastermind group off the ground. There was always some important project distracting me.

I’ve created a repeatable process of decisions I need to make and tasks I need to do — in the order I need to do them — and I can design a mastermind group and marketing plan in one day (with a little coffee to help inspire me).

Using this system, incredible things started to happen. I could attract dozens of new members to my mastermind groups!

This is your opportunity to devote one day to your mastermind group launch and leave with a plan.

Stop fussing around, doing a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there. Step up and take strong action by carving out a day and finally getting it done, so you can get rapid results and quick start your next mastermind group.

If you want to create a strategic model for your mastermind group business and an action plan — and you want to do this in ONE DAY — listen up.

Join me for the Mastermind Success Accelerator, a full-day virtual VIP Intensive on November 8. I’ll work with just 15 people in a private video conference meeting, showing you the exact steps I take to build mastermind groups so that you have more impact, more profits and more freedom.

Only 15 people can get into this private meeting so that I can give everyone personalized advice.

Spend the entire day with me via video conference and walk away with a clear action plan that allows you to quickly start your next successful mastermind group and begin sharing your expertise with your new members.

On November 8, I will pass my 20 years of experience with mastermind groups on to you. Are you ready to jump start your groups and get into action?

Click here now to learn more about this exclusive virtual VIP Intensive!

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