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Mastermind Group Facilitator Training begins January 25

Course Overview

This class is for people who are ready to take their mastermind group facilitation skills to a whole new level. It’s perfect for people who already have a mastermind group formed, or are starting a new one!

Learn the expert facilitator’s art of being the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.

Class starts on Monday, January 25 (…but there are only a few seats left!)

You Will Learn

In this 9-week video conference series, you will learn about:

  • Your role and responsibilities as a mastermind group facilitator
  • How group dynamics impact your group
  • Group Facilitation skills for mastermind group facilitators
  • Creating meeting agendas
  • Handling the Hot Seat
  • Creating and using a Mastermind Group Facilitator’s Journal
  • Creating a Mastermind Member Journal to use with your members
  • Using the six Mastermind Process Techniques
  • Creating trust in your group
  • Conducting your first meeting with a new group
  • Helping members make decisions and choose a course of action
  • Enforcing group guidelines
  • Handling problem members
  • Tracking group member progress
  • Creating and using Prep Forms, Mastermind Matrix and Group Feedback Form
  • Closing your meetings
  • PLUS: Get live, hands-on practice with your mastermind facilitation skills!

FOUR Great Bonuses

Bonus #1: A student guide in PDF format, chock full of advice and checklists, plus forms and worksheets for you to use as a Facilitator and to give to your members.

Bonus #2: Six streaming internet videos of a real mastermind group, so you can watch and learn from Karyn as she facilitates a mastermind group!

Bonus #3: A great way to get new members for your mastermind group! Once you register for the teleclass, you may list your mastermind group for free at The Success Alliance website, which receive 23,000 visitors annually looking for mastermind groups. You will receive an email with instructions on how to list your mastermind group once you register.

Bonus #4: You’ll get access to my private Student Website, where you’ll get more resources, and an online message forum where you can stay in touch with the other class participants during the 9 weeks of class. Access starts the day class begins.


What Students Say…

The class was excellent and filled with fantastic information. I am confident the class provided me with the foundation I need to launch my first Mastermind group.

The templates, instruction and rich conversation provided an excellent opportunity to learn and think outside of the box.

—Karen Senteio

Length of Workshop

The video conference series begins January 25. We meet one hour each week, for 9 weekly sessions.

All class sessions are 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM eastern.

For more details, and to register:

What Students Say…

Karyn’s Mastermind Group Facilitator Training was truly superb. She has the unusual ability to present rich detail which will be invaluable to me in leading Mastermind groups, while not overwhelming us with details, and keeping the big picture clear and focused. The most effective teleseminar I have ever taken!

—Paul Severance
Center for the New Elder

Mastermind Group Academy

For more details, and to register:

What Really Happens in a Mastermind Group Meeting? Come, Peek Inside One

Are you curious about what REALLY happens inside a mastermind group meeting with all that creative brainstorming and accountability?

An explosion of excitement and ideas rocked a seemingly innocent hotel conference room a few months ago. Over a two-hour span, local business owners learned how to mastermind together. For many it was their first experience being in the Hot Seat and getting help from a mastermind group.

Here’s what participants said to me afterwards:

  • It was incredibly freeing, to share my ideas with the group.
  • I learned from everyone, even when it wasn’t my turn in the Hot Seat.
  • I got so many great ideas, I ran out of paper to take notes.
  • Absolutely eye-opening… I have a whole new insight into a problem that’s been keeping me up at night.

Join me for a free Taste of a Mastermind Group! (You’re going to love eavesdropping on these mastermind Hot Seats.)

In this one-hour mastermind group session, three people will be on the “Hot Seat,” bringing their challenges, questions and idea needs to the group.

This particular mastermind group session will be about running and growing a business, so it will be extra helpful to those of you who are self-employed small business owners. (But even personal and professional development mastermind groups are run the same way, so this is a great chance to peek inside a group meeting and see the inner workings.)

This will be an All-Content-No-Selling teleconference.

You can be assured that our focus will be solely on the Hot Seats and watching a mastermind group in action.

Join me on Monday, November 16 at 2:00 p.m. eastern/11:00 a.m. pacific

Come and see behind-the-curtain into a real mastermind group meeting!

Experience the power of mastermind groups for yourself by attending this free mastermind group session.

Yes, the call will be recorded. If you can’t attend live, register anyway, and I’ll send you a link to the recording of the meeting.

The Taster is Over…Get The Recording Here:

If you’ve been curious what a mastermind group meeting is all about, or if you want to see how I run them with my own groups, please join us!

Do Mastermind Group Members Need to be in the Hot Seat Every Time?

People always ask me: Is it a true mastermind group if people don’t get to be in the Hot Seat at every meeting?

I believe the key indicator of a “true mastermind group” is that each person gets to be in the Hot Seat at every meeting (or every other meeting) and the entire group masterminds/brainstorms with that person.

In some groups, especially very large ones, it’s more like a group coaching program than a mastermind group: one person is in the Hot Seat, the mentor/coach does laser coaching with that person, and all the other people sit silently and observe. In a true mastermind group, everyone gets involved in the conversation. That’s the power of peer brainstorming!

The strongest value a member gets out of being in a group is the chance to be in the Hot Seat.

When the member gets to pose his problem or question, it forces him to gain clarity about what help he’s really asking for. Then, having a small group of people brainstorm around that problem/question brings huge amount of creativity to the process. The person in the Hot Seat walks away with many more ideas and solutions than he could generate on his own. That’s why people come to mastermind groups.

Imagine that you have one meeting a month, but your group is so large that only half can be in the Hot Seat each month. That means each member gets a turn every two months. I can’t see how they’d find enough value to pay for a group where they’re only getting in the Hot Seat every other month. (In this case, consider running your group every 2 weeks so that members of a large group can get in the Hot Seat more often during the month.)

Is listening enough?

It’s true: there’s lots of value that members get from listening to all the ideas and solutions generated for others. I often watch a table full of group members furiously taking notes during someone else’s Hot Seat. But those ideas are tangental to their own personal situation.

Listening to someone else’s Hot Seat is like standing under an apple tree and hoping an apple will fall just when you want one. Being in the Hot Seat is like climbing a ladder and plucking an apple — just the right apple — when it’s the perfect time to eat an apple.

One solution is to reduce the time for each Hot Seat. I’ve seen people get a lot of value out of 10 minute Hot Seats. The trick is for the person in the Hot Seat to take one a minute or two to describe his situation. Otherwise, too much time is taken talking about the challenge or need, and not enough time is spent brainstorming ideas.

It’s not masterminding if there’s no peer brainstorming in every meeting. Otherwise it’s really group coaching, or a combo of group coaching plus training, that’s being called a mastermind group.