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Most mastermind groups last at least six months, and many last for years. But some people have concerns about starting or committing to a long-term mastermind group. After all, how […]

Group of People Talking

By Karyn Greenstreet

You’re ready to invite your audience to join your mastermind group, or you’ve hand-selected people you want to be in your group. What do you say to them and how […]

When starting and running¬†your own mastermind group, it’s imperative that you and your mastermind members come up with some rules about the purpose of the group and how members are […]

Before offering your group to the public, you’ll need to come up with a strategy for how you accept registrations. There are two things to consider: Design a Registration Process […]

Many of mastermind group facilitators try to fill a 10-person group, often ending up in hot water (or not being able to begin the group because they can’t find the […]

I was interviewed last week on the radio, all about the power of mastermind groups for small business owners. You can listen to the free recording here on the Blog […]

As the mastermind group facilitator, it is important that you set some guidelines about how the group will run and what the rules are for the members. This helps establish […]

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Free Video Tutorial

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