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Empowering Your Members’ Success – April 16 Webinar

Empowering your mastermind group members to be successful

By Karyn Greenstreet

Thanks to the hundreds of people who responded to my survey about your favorite mastermind group topics to learn about. And the winning topic is…

Designing your member success system!

So I created a one-time, deep dive webinar to get you up to speed quickly. We’ll spend two full hours together, outlining the 8 components you need to support and empower your mastermind group members so they achieve their goals.

(And, yes, I’ll be recording it, so if you can’t attend live, you can watch/listen at your leisure.)

How will you ensure your mastermind group members are successful?

How will you track their progress and assist them when they struggle?

I know you want to provide amazing value to your mastermind group members — but sometimes they get in their own way. There’s a solution! You need a system to mentor and coach them, and monitor their progress as they work towards their goals.

Join me on April 16 for the Designing Your Member Success System webinar.

We’ll discuss the eight components you need in your mastermind group success system, and when to apply each component to a member’s situation.

Here are the details about the April 16 webinar.

Remember, I’m only going to teach this class ONCE, so register today.

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