7 Ways to Fill that Final Mastermind Group Seat
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7 Ways to Fill that Final Mastermind Group Seat

Do you have just one final seat in your mastermind group to fill? It can be nerve-wracking to have a group “almost full,” and the start date coming quickly.

Don’t leave your members waiting to find out if the group is going to happen or not. Commit to starting your group then redouble your efforts to enroll the final member before the start date.

Here are seven ideas for filling that last seat in your mastermind group.

  1. Get on the phone to strong prospective members, see if they’re interested (and if it’s a good fit), and make the sales pitch. You don’t have to be pushy; simply tell them you’re calling because they have expressed interest in the past and you have one open seat in your group that you want to fill. One of my mastermind group members, Pam Wolf, is always saying, “The money is in the phone!” Email and social media are okay, but when you want to close a sale, having a real conversation with someone is crucial.
  2. Offer prospective members a discounted membership (or a free membership), so you can fill the group. Explain to them that should they renew, they’ll renew at the full rate.
  3. Offer prospects a discounted or free membership if they bring another member into the new group with them. Offer them a discount if they bring a business partner, spouse or significant other (if it’s appropriate for your type of mastermind group to have partners in the same meeting together).
  4. Offer existing members a referral fee for bringing in new members to the group. Your existing members have a keen sense of who would be right for your group, so tap their wisdom and network. The referral fee could be cash, or it could be a discount on future membership fees, or some one-on-one time with you as an incentive.
  5. Contact previous members to see if they’d like to renew. If they got value from your group previously, they’ll be more likely to renew, even if they haven’t been in a group for a while.
  6. Offer a barter arrangement if money is an issue. Of course, what they have to offer has to be of value to you. Do you need website design services, graphic design services, a virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a copywriter? What about a dentist, chiropractor, lawn service, attorney or handyman? All these are valuable services that benefit you while your member benefits by being in your mastermind group. A real win-win situation, right?
  7. Ask colleagues if they’d like to join, or if they have referrals. These people know you well, and can make quick connections with their audience or network to pinpoint the perfect member for your group. Perhaps they’re the perfect member themselves!


Use your existing network wisely to fill that final seat in your mastermind group. Worst case scenario, start the group with the members you have, and fill the empty seat in time for the second meeting.

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