How Will You Know That You’re Successful, When You Don’t Know What It Looks Like?

Too often we set goals and run around implementing them, never taking a moment to stop and notice whether we have achieved personal or business success yet.

I believe the part of the reason for this hyper-activity is that we haven’t created a true definition of what success looks and feels like to us personally.

It’s time to consciously create your own personal definition of success.

Do this exercise privately, or do it as a group exercise with your family, friends or mastermind group. Be specific in detailing what success looks like and feels like:

  1. What physical things will exist when I’m successful? (Will you send your kids to college? Own your dream house? Have vibrant good health? Earn a specific income?)
  2. Which feelings will exist when I’m successful? (Will you be feeling competent, powerful, loving, honored, grateful, challenged, connected, free, happy?)
  3. Which feelings will there be less of, or eliminated all together? (Will you be feeling less anxiety, isolation, confusion, lack of purpose?)
  4. What will I be experiencing? (Will you be in a meaningful, loving relationship? Finding happiness on a daily basis? Traveling the world? Immersed in a favorite hobby? Spending quality time with family and friends? Creating services your customers love?)

By defining some specifics of what “success” means to you, you’ll know when it’s happening! Too often I talk to people who want a successful life or a successful business, only to find they already have one.

Has success crept up on you without you noticing? The only way to know is to have some yardstick to measure it by.


  1. Jef MenguinNo Gravatar

    Thank you for sharing. It is really important for us to determine the destination so that we will know when we get there.

    Success is success is success.

  2. Ernest LewickiNo Gravatar

    Great and useful article.

  3. Debra CarrNo Gravatar

    What a wonderful thought provoking article.
    Thank you!

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