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Mastermind Group Facilitator Training begins January 27

Mastermind Group Facilitator Training

By Karyn Greenstreet

This class is for people who are ready to take their mastermind group facilitation skills to a whole new level. It’s perfect for people who already have a mastermind group formed, or are starting a new one!

Learn the expert facilitator’s art of being the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.

Class starts on Monday, January 27

During the virtual class, you’ll learn proven techniques you can use immediately, including:

    • Your role and responsibilities as a mastermind group facilitator
    • How group dynamics impact your group
    • Group Facilitation skills for mastermind group facilitators
    • Creating meeting agendas
    • Handling the Hot Seat
    • Creating and using a Mastermind Group Facilitator’s Journal
    • Creating a Mastermind Member Journal to use with your members
    • Using the six Mastermind Process Techniques
    • Creating trust in your group
    • Conducting your first meeting with a new group
    • Helping members make decisions and choose a course of action
    • Enforcing group guidelines
    • Handling problem members
    • Tracking group member progress
    • Creating and using Prep Forms, Mastermind Matrix and Group Feedback Form
    • Closing your meetings
    • PLUS: Get live, hands-on practice with your mastermind facilitation skills!

    FOUR Great Bonuses

    Bonus #1: A student guide in PDF format, chock full of advice and checklists, plus forms and worksheets for you to use as a Facilitator and to give to your members.

    Bonus #2: Six streaming internet videos of a real mastermind group, so you can watch and learn from me as I facilitate a mastermind group!

    Bonus #3: A great way to get new members for your mastermind group! Once you register for the class, you may list your mastermind group for free at The Success Alliance website, which receives 80,000 visitors annually looking for mastermind groups. You will receive an email with instructions on how to list your mastermind group once you register.

    Bonus #4: You’ll get access to my private Student Website, where you’ll get more resources, and an online message forum where you can stay in touch with the other class participants during the 6 weeks of class. Access starts the day class begins.


    What Students Say…

    The class was excellent and filled with fantastic information. I am confident the class provided me with the foundation I need to launch my first Mastermind group.

    The templates, instruction and rich conversation provided an excellent opportunity to learn and think outside of the box.

    —Karen Senteio

    Length of Workshop

    The video conference series begins January 27, 2020.  We meet 90 minutes each week, for 6 weekly sessions.

    All class sessions are 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm eastern. (10:00 am pacific/6:00 pm London)

    For more details, and to register:

    What Students Say…

    Karyn’s Mastermind Group Facilitator Training was truly superb. She has the unusual ability to present rich detail which will be invaluable to me in leading Mastermind groups, while not overwhelming us with details, and keeping the big picture clear and focused. The most effective teleseminar I have ever taken!

    —Paul Severance
    Center for the New Elder


    For more details, and to register:

    Mastermind Group Success Starts Here

    2 thoughts on “Mastermind Group Facilitator Training begins January 27”

    1. Christine Marshall says:

      Hi Karen I missed out on the Late 2017 workshops. I’m planning to start delivering MasterMind groups in 2018. I live in Australia and would like to have to a dedicated format to work with. What dates do you have planned for 2018?

      1. Karyn Greenstreet says:

        I offer the class three times a year, Christine. Check out our Classes page to see the upcoming dates! 🙂

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