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Creating a Mastermind Group enhances your business and your life.

Mastermind groups are everywhere! Learn how you can create a mastermind group that allows members to raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm creative ideas & solutions, and support each other with total honesty, respect and clear communication.

If you are new to mastermind groups, this introductory level online learning program is for you.

You Will learn

In this online learning program, you will learn how to:

  • Help your prospective members distinguish between a mastermind group, group coaching, and training classes
  • Pick which type of members should join your mastermind group
  • Choose to facilitate, participate, or both
  • Select your mastermind group’s niche and type
  • Decide where to hold meetings
  • Determine if your group should be free or paid
  • Create meeting agendas
  • Prepare for your first meeting
  • Write group guidelines
  • Determine why mastermind groups fail — and how to fix problems before they start

Training Format

I’ve divided the material into three lessons.

You can complete the program in as little as a week. Or, if you need more time, you have 6 full months to access the materials.

People Jumping

This online learning program is delivered in two formats: downloadable audio lessons, and written transcripts of those same lessons for those who prefer to read rather than listen.

There is also a series of handouts and resources available to you as part of this online learning program, including:

  • An example of a mastermind group application form
  • A non-disclosure agreement sample
  • An example of mastermind group guidelines
  • A list of group discussion starter questions
  • …and much more!


“I took your program last year. Next Wednesday I’m doing a two hour group support meeting for a local church. We were expecting 20 to 40 people. They cutoff registration at 130, and had to schedule another meeting in next month to handle the overflow!

I just wanted you to know that what you teach is growing and impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I would strongly recommend your mastermind program – and be prepared for amazing things to happen as a result!”

Joe H. Jones Executive Director, Career Ministries

Joe H. Jones

Karen Greenstreet

About the Instructor

Hi, I’m Karyn Greenstreet, the owner of The Success Alliance. I’m so excited that you’ll be taking this class!

I have been creating and running mastermind groups since 1994. I’ve been teaching this class for over 10 years and am constantly updating the material so that you get the very latest “best practices” to create successful mastermind groups.


Registration Fee: $99 for the entire online learning program.

This includes:

  • The lessons in both audio and transcript format
  • Handouts, examples, and resources

Payment Methods


“I was able to enhance the experience of my current mastermind group and walked away with ideas and inspiration for additional group offerings. Thank you so much!”

Ann Yaggie

Ann Yaggie