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Creating a Mastermind Group enhances your business and your life.

Synergy Mentoring Program

I know from experience that you can fill and run multiple successful mastermind groups and make them so extraordinary, your members meet and exceed their goals.

But (and this might be something you can relate to) many Facilitators aren’t where they could be.

Over the past few months, I’ve interviewed dozens of mastermind group Facilitators, asking them just two things:

  • What is getting in the way of you creating thriving, successful mastermind groups?
  • What do you need from me to help you reach your full potential?

Some told me it was a lack of in-depth marketing help. They wanted to know exactly how to find their target audience and build their mailing list, and they needed to know how to make the idea of joining a mastermind group compelling and valuable.

Many wanted more advanced facilitation skills, the kind that set you apart so people don’t just want to join a mastermind group, they want to join YOUR mastermind group.

Most importantly, ALL of them said this: they want to hang out with other mastermind group Facilitators, to be with their community of colleagues. To get the sharing, support and accountability that comes from being IN a mastermind group.

So I listened, and then created this specially designed program to make sure that you get what you want and need.

You Will learn

Over the next 12 months, you’ll receive mentoring, marketing training, and business model design and efficiency ideas, along with advanced facilitation skills lessons, all to help you build extraordinary mastermind groups of your own. And most importantly, you’ll get the close support, brainstorming and accountability from your very own mastermind group.

You’ll embark on a year-long adventure to:

  • Make this year your best year yet: reach more members and fill more groups
  • Develop the systems you need to scale your business without sacrificing time or energy
  • Connect with your tribe – other mastermind group Facilitators who are building strong, successful groups
  • Outline your vision and develop a solid action plan to get there (and teach your members how to do the same thing!)
  • Leap over hurdles – get help from me and the other Facilitators to overcome challenges, share shortcuts and get answers to your questions when you need them
  • Reach your potential through sharing honest insights, creative ideas, and best practices
  • Design savvy, modern marketing campaigns that work
  • Sharpen your mastermind group facilitation skills with training and case studies
  • Establish your expertise and credibility with individuals and organizations by taking the test to become a Certified Mastermind Group Facilitator™ (optional)


What issues prevent you from realizing your goals?

Most issues fall within three core subjects that you’ll learn over the course of our year together.




Each month I’ll be posting three practical, action-oriented video lessons — one lesson for each of the three core subject areas, including:


If you struggle to fill your groups, find the right people or sell the value of masterminding, you’ll discover how to find and convert perfect prospects into perfect members.

And if you’re already selling memberships, you’ll be able to market your groups faster and more efficiently with an array of the most up-to-date marketing and sales techniques including:

  • Getting known and building your audience
  • Driving targeted traffic to your website
  • Effective copywriting – how to describe what you do in a way that makes people say “yes” to your offer
  • How to market your groups whether they’re local or virtual
  • Branding your mastermind group (including your own Personal Branding strategy)
  • Designing and running a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Building your email list and using email marketing to nurture prospects and make direct sales
  • Having effective conversations that close the sale
  • Using high-touch marketing techniques for that special mastermind group

Once your mastermind groups start to fill up, you need to be confident that you can run them and your business effectively and efficiently. That’s why a key part of the program will also help you…


Solid business strategies and efficient systems are key to making your role as a Facilitator rewarding and profitable, without feeling overwhelmed or overworked.

With the right business model, pricing and resources, you can scale, or reach a new income level without running out of time or energy. As part of the program, you’ll learn essential business administration strategies to help you:

  • Design your mastermind group business model: from small, intimate mastermind groups and scaling up to mega mastermind groups, using the Compass Visual Business Roadmap
  • Choose the right techniques for managing your members’ meeting attendance, progress, goals and accountability
  • Set a goal and vision for your mastermind group business, and know specifically what to do to get you there
  • Get feedback from your members to help shape your group in the future
  • Develop your Signature System to make your group unique
  • Design your Success System to ensure your members get extraordinary value from your group
  • Work with a team to get more done
  • Design Retreat Weekends for your members


By building on your current skills as a Facilitator, you become more valuable and attractive to your members.

The most experienced Facilitators find it essential to stay up-to-date with best practice methods. As part of the program, you’ll be able to access skills to help:

  • Take the conversation deeper so your members get what they need
  • Ask questions for clarity and insight
  • Encourage members to speak up and actively bring their ideas and challenges to the group
  • Deal with misbehaving members professionally and effectively
  • Handle off-topic items, knowing when to stick to the agenda and when to follow the conversation
  • Learn best practices in onboarding, introductions, hot seats and learn how other Facilitators run their meetings
  • Keep track of members’ goals and results


Meet Your Group of Active, Ambitious Facilitators

As part of the program, you’ll be a member in your own dedicated mastermind group. Imagine a mastermind group of Facilitators, where you can share best practices and get creative answers to your questions. They’ll also hold your feet to the fire so that you can be accountable for putting your plans into action.

The strength of the group lets you find creative answers to your challenges, share knowledge and experience, and find support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to the year’s curriculum, you’ll meet with your group once a month to mastermind your own issues. (That’s what the Hot Seat is for, right? To get answers just when you need them!) Find out what’s working well for others, what tools and resources are really bringing results and save time by getting focused answers from a group that cares about your success.


What Members Say

“I’ve facilitated masterminds before I met Karyn, and then as I implemented the stuff that I learned through Synergy, one of my members said to me, ‘You know, I was going to quit the mastermind group, but it’s gotten so much better that I’m going to stay!’ I’m partnering with two large organizations to offer mastermind groups to their members. Some groups are huge; they’re in 26 states. I’m meeting with the founder of that group on Friday morning. I wouldn’t have had the confidence, nor would I have had the structure, had I not been in Synergy.”

Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

Karen Greenstreet


Hi, I’m Karyn Greenstreet. I’ve been running mastermind groups since 1994, and teaching people to start and run successful mastermind groups for over 12 years.


One reason: People crave a successful, satisfying personal and professional life — and they haven’t been able to do it on their own. We need more mastermind groups on the planet to support people while they journey towards their ideal life.

And I can’t do it alone: we need skilled, passionate mastermind group Facilitators, just like you, to populate every corner of this world with successful groups.

So my job in life is to help you create the most rewarding mastermind groups you could dream of!

That’s my vision. That’s my quest in life. What’s yours?

For over 30 years, I’ve been a small business owner and self-employment expert. I’ve taught over 270,000 people world-wide about how to grow their small businesses. And I wouldn’t have the success I’ve had without being part of a mastermind group of my own, so I know first-hand the value of masterminding.

In 2004, I created The Success Alliance website and classes to work closely with Facilitators like you. And now I can’t wait to share everything I know with you as part of the Synergy Program!


Get Started the Right Way: Our first meeting together is our Kickstart Session

Set your goals and intentions for participating in the Synergy Program with our two-hour Kickstart video conference. It’s a chance to quickly jump into the Synergy program and learn how to get the most out of it.

Then, Each Month:

  • A monthly small group mastermind group meeting, with opportunities for YOU to be in the Hot Seat and share your challenges and ask for help. The same group meets together each month, so you get to know each other, offer ideas, hold each other accountable, and share best practices.
  • A business administration and strategy video lesson each month to help you grow your mastermind groups and run them efficiently.
  • A marketing or sales technique video lesson each month, where I’ll share techniques to help you build an audience, attract new members, and close the sale.
  • An advanced facilitation skills video lesson each month. This is a planned curriculum track if you want to become a Certified Mastermind Group Facilitator™, improve your facilitation skills and learn new tools/techniques to use with your groups. You’ll learn group facilitation skills, coaching skills and consulting skills to help you provide the best for your members.
  • A monthly live Jam Session Q+A video conference directly with me. This is where you can pick my brains and ask me anything! Can’t make it to the live Jam Session but still have questions for me? Post your questions in the message forum and I’ll answer them in the next Jam Session.

Ongoing Support:

  • A message forum where you can stay in contact with your mastermind group between meetings, and get help when you need it. It’s also a great place to share your successes and get some much-needed applause from people who understand what it took to reach your goals.

Certification Opportunity:

  • For those who want to take it to the next level, a Certified Mastermind Group Facilitator™ designation is available after you’ve completed the 12 month curriculum and taken the test. Preparation work for the certification test is free as part of this program.

What Members Say

“Karyn Greenstreet taught me run my mastermind group business and helped me find ‘my voice’ as a mastermind group facilitator. She helped me build a solid foundation, an infrastructure within which to build my groups. She has an innate intuition to meet people where they are and bring out their Best! Karyn is the Master of all facilitators.”

Renee Gray

Renee Gray


Here’s what you get for free, just by signing up as a Charter Member of the Synergy Program:

1. List your mastermind group for free on my Find A Mastermind Group page for the entire year. My website receives over 85,000 visitors each year, people looking for mastermind groups to join. (You’d pay $1,800 to purchase a year’s worth of ads on my site but you’ll get it free when you join the Synergy Program.)

2. Take any of my live video conference classes for free! This includes my foundational classes — Mastermind Group Facilitator Training ($599 value) and Mastermind Success Accelerator ($349 value) — and any other live video conference classes I offer during your membership. Take a new class, or pop into a class you’ve already taken to refresh your knowledge and gain new insights.

3. Get three great self-study programs for free: Personal Branding ($99 value) and Start Your Mastermind Group Today ($99 value)

4. Join us for Live virtual classes for free — classes for 2018 include: Designing Effective Workshops ($279 value) and Capture Your Valuable Knowledge ($249 value).

Important Dates

  • There are two seats open in Synergy mastermind groups: one in August 2018 and one in September 2018.
  • Mastermind Group Facilitator Training begins September 24, and Mastermind Success Accelerator class begins October 25. Get both classes for free with your Synergy membership.
  • You can also join us for the Capture Your Valuable Knowledge workshop which begins October 6 — free for Synergy members.
  • Use the I’m Interested button on this page, and let’s talk about how I can support you in creating and running your mastermind groups.

Why Should You Join?

  1. You want to grow your mastermind group business and are ready to create serious action plans AND implement those plans to see results.
  2. You’re ready to work in a group environment where the combined effect of many minds helps you to find creative answers, share knowledge and experience, and support each other to achieve your most important goals.
  3. You want to increase your skills and knowledge so you can run the most effective mastermind groups possible, to serve your members to the highest possible level of excellence and quality.


You shouldn’t join this mentoring program if:

  1. You are not serious about growth or attaining your goals
  2. You always prefer to work alone
  3. You are not willing to both ASK for help or GIVE help
  4. You won’t commit to showing up for the monthly mastermind group meetings


The Membership fee is $450/month.

Save Today – As a Charter Member, if you sign up for before July 30, fee is $355/month. If you sign up after July 30, the fee is $450/month.

This includes your monthly mastermind group meeting, your monthly Q+A meeting, Facilitator Training class, Accelerator marketing class, and 12 months of advanced marketing, sales, business growth and group facilitation lessons


You can’t register by simply pressing a button. I want to talk with you, to find out where you are with your mastermind groups and what you need the most help with.

This will also help me to place you in the best mastermind group for your situation, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the Synergy Program.

For the right person, The Synergy Program is transformational. In just 12 months you could have your own thriving, profitable and rewarding mastermind groups.

If what you’ve read make sense and Synergy sounds like the right path for you, let’s schedule some time to talk about your mastermind groups and your business goals. That way you can make the right decision for you and your business to join this exclusive group.

Let’s talk! Click the I’M INTERESTED button above or send me an email to and we’ll schedule a date and time to talk via phone or video conference.

I’m looking forward to working with you in the Synergy Program!

Always forward, ever upward,


What Members Say

“When Karyn first offered Synergy I knew it was for me right away. I’ve been a coach for over 20 years and I was bored with it, had lost my passion for the work, and was looking for the next step for my business. I’ve been talking about masterminds for a long time and had never acted on it so when Synergy came along, I jumped. Since joining Synergy, I have moved my business forward in a big way, even to the point of renaming and rebranding it to reflect the change in direction I was taking. Friends and colleagues say they see my spark back and hear the passion in my voice. I feel unstoppable and tremendously supported by the family I joined through Synergy. Because of the mastermind I’m part of through Synergy I’ve let go of some work details I didn’t need to do, written and named a special report, formed my first, official mastermind group, successfully run two Taster of Masterminds to let people experience it for themselves, and built and published a membership site for my members. And that’s only the beginning of what’s in store for me, my clients, and my business. Thank you, Karyn, for creating this powerful program and changing my life!”

Laura Hess

Laura Hess

“I facilitate two mastermind groups for a living and even took a three-day class to certify myself. Karyn, your information showed me new ideas that I hadn’t seen before. I’m impressed, and I’m in action about my new mastermind group.”

Craig Jennings

Craig Jennings