Mastermind Group Classes

Facilitation Skills Classes

Take your mastermind group facilitation skills to a new level and master the art of running mastermind groups. These classes show you how to work with your members to ensure they are successful in your program.

We offer both live classes and online self-paced learning programs. Live classes are via Zoom so you can join from anywhere. Online self-paced training programs allow you to start anytime!

Introductory level classes

  • Mastermind Group Facilitator Training – live virtual workshop – begins May 8, 2023 – If you are ready to sharpen your facilitation skills, learn new mastermind group processes, and master techniques for working with your members, join me for Facilitator Training. In this live virtual workshop, we focus on mastering new facilitation skills so you can run awesome mastermind group meetings and help your members be successful.
  • Mastermind Group Facilitator Training – self-paced online learning program – Are you ready to make your mastermind group GREAT by becoming a better group facilitator? This online program is perfect for people who already have a mastermind group formed — or are starting a new one (even your first one)! Learn the expert Facilitator’s art of being the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage. Help your members create success by taking your facilitation skills to a whole new level. These are the same lessons as the live version of the class, for those who want to get started quickly or prefer to learn at their own pace.

Advanced level classes

  • NEW – Designing Your Member Success System – self-paced online learning program – This advanced mastermind group facilitation workshop focuses on the 8 components you need in your mastermind group to support and empower your members as they achieve their goals. This is a deep-dive learning program where we focus narrowly on one topic so you can master it — and apply it immediately to your mastermind group.
  • Creating Sticky Members – live virtual workshop – What makes your mastermind group members stay in your group and want to renew? I call this “stickiness” — do your members want to stick around and engage fully with your group? Member retention is an art and a science. It begins with the Onboarding process for new members and manifests throughout their entire membership. In this workshop, I share the secrets behind designing a strong Member Renewal Plan, and share best practices in facilitation that influence overall member satisfaction, engagement, and renewals.
  • Synergy Mentoring Program – mastermind group plus intro and advanced training – the combined power of a business-building mastermind group and includes all of the introductory and advanced training classes. Seats are available for the February 22 group.
  • One Action Now – live virtual workshop – coming soon! Learn how to use my One Action Now system with your members. From goal-setting and action planning to time management and mindset, it’s everything you’ll need to help your members be successful. Includes worksheets and tools you can use in your mastermind group meetings.

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