Mastermind Group Classes

Mastermind Group Marketing Workshops

These workshops focus on the administration, design and marketing of your mastermind groups. You’ll learn how to design your group structure to create a mastermind group people want to join. Our Accelerator workshop focuses on creating a marketing plan to fill your next mastermind group.

We offer both live workshops and online self-paced learning programs. Live workshops are via Zoom so you can join from anywhere. Online self-paced training programs allow you to start anytime!

Introductory level workshops

  • Start a Mastermind Group Today – self paced online learning program –  If you are new to mastermind groups and want to get started, take this online training program. This introductory level administration workshop helps you design your mastermind group, including agendas, guidelines, selecting members, and running your first meeting. We cover all the major decisions you need to make when creating a new group.
  • Mastermind Success Accelerator – live virtual workshop – begins November 13, 2023 – Learn how to design, market, and fill your mastermind groups. Work privately with me in a small group setting to design a mastermind group your audience wants to join. Create a savvy plan to market and find prospective members. This hands-on, virtual workshop is focused on the business and marketing aspects of creating your group and getting new members. Walk away with a plan!

Advanced level workshops

  • Free webinar: Proving Mastermind Group ROI – October 11, 2023 – Whether you are selling mastermind groups to the general public, or selling them into corporations and organizations, everyone wants to know — is there proof that mastermind groups work? In this webinar, I’ll share my strategy for creating and using self-assessments to prove ROI and show members their improvement. Because mastermind groups have both tangible and intangible benefits, creating a self-assessment is both an art and a science!
  • Creating Sticky Members – live virtual workshop – What makes your mastermind group members stay in your group and want to renew? I call this “stickiness” — do your members want to stick around and engage fully with your group. Member retention is an art and a science. It begins with the Onboarding process for new members and manifests throughout their entire membership. In this workshop, I share the secrets behind designing a strong Member Renewal Plan, and share best practices in facilitation that influence overall member satisfaction, engagement, and renewals.
  • Synergy Mentoring Program – mastermind group plus intro and advanced training – the combined power of a business-building mastermind group and includes all of the introductory and advanced training workshops. Seats are available for the October 2023 groups.

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