Mastermind Group Classes

Mastermind Group Marketing Classes

These classes focus on the administration, design and marketing of your mastermind groups. You’ll learn how to design your group structure to create a mastermind group people want to join. Our Accelerator class focuses on creating a marketing plan to fill your next mastermind group.

We offer both live classes and online self-paced learning programs. Live classes are via Zoom so you can join from anywhere. Online self-paced training programs allow you to start anytime!

Introductory level classes

  • Jump Start to January – live virtual workshop begins December 6, 2022 –  If you are new to mastermind groups, this introductory-level class will teach you the basics of designing a successful mastermind group. In this class, we focus on the 12 preliminary decisions you need to make when you are in the “developmental stage” of designing your mastermind group. I share my reliable project plan to galvanize and focus your actions between now and January, so you can create a solid foundation, knowing you’ve made all the right decisions.
  • Mastermind Success Accelerator – live virtual workshop – begins November 7, 2022 – Learn how to design, market, and fill your mastermind groups. Work privately with me in a small group setting to design a mastermind group your audience wants to join. Create a savvy plan to market and find prospective members. This hands-on, virtual workshop is focused on the business and marketing aspects of creating your group and getting new members. Walk away with a plan!

Advanced level classes

  • Creating Sticky Members – live virtual workshop – What makes your mastermind group members stay in your group and want to renew? I call this “stickiness” — do your members want to stick around and engage fully with your group. Member retention is an art and a science. It begins with the Onboarding process for new members and manifests throughout their entire membership. In this workshop, I share the secrets behind designing a strong Member Renewal Plan, and share best practices in facilitation that influence overall member satisfaction, engagement, and renewals.
  • Synergy Mentoring Program – mastermind group plus intro and advanced training – the combined power of a business-building mastermind group and includes all of the introductory and advanced training classes. Seats are available for the November 2022 group.

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