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Design Your Mastermind Group and Build Your Marketing Plan…Quickly!

When you’re a busy professional, it’s hard to carve out time to plan your mastermind group business. If you’re an expert, consultant or trainer who wants to launch and leverage mastermind groups quickly, then this live, virtual workshop will help you make smart design decisions and choose the best marketing strategies.

Get moving on your profitable mastermind groups and get it done! No more putting it off – now is the time to take action.

You Will Learn

In this six-part live virtual workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Make clear decisions and design your mastermind group model
  • Create a strong plan for marketing to attract your best prospective members
  • Grow your mastermind group business, profits and impact … whether you’re marketing to the general public or offering mastermind groups to your corporate or government clients
  • Determine your profitable audience and niche
  • Design scalable groups to maximize your potential and reach a bigger audience
  • Choose the best marketing techniques based on where your target audience hangs out
  • Set your membership fees and forecast your revenue
  • Craft your sales page or brochure
  • Create a week-by-week action plan for your marketing launch so you know what to do and when to do it
Book Bonus


This is your opportunity to devote focused time to your mastermind group launch and leave with a plan.

Stop fussing around, doing a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there. Step up and take strong action by carving out six 90-minute sessions and finally getting it done, so you can get rapid results and quick-start your next mastermind group.

If you want to create a strategic model for your mastermind group business and a marketing action plan — and you want to do this NOW — join me for the six-session Mastermind Success Accelerator, a private virtual workshop beginning on November 13, 2023 via Zoom.

I’ll work with a small group of people in a private meeting, showing you the exact steps I take to build mastermind groups so that you have more impact, more profits, and more freedom. With a small group, I can give everyone personalized advice. We’ll focus on you, your mastermind groups, and your business.

Join us for Mastermind Success Accelerator and walk away with a clear action plan that allows you to quickly start your next successful mastermind group and begin sharing your expertise with your new members.


If you’re tired of fiddling around with your mastermind group idea, it’s time to step up to the plate and finally make conclusive decisions and create solid plans to launch your next group.

Get your questions answered, and learn growth strategies for mastermind groups in a collaborative environment:

  • Make your mastermind groups profitable
  • Design scalable groups to maximize your potential and reach a bigger audience
  • Choose the best marketing techniques for your prospects
  • Create a solid action plan for your marketing launch so you know what to do and when to do it
  • Set your membership fees and forecast your revenue

This isn’t theory – I’m currently running multiple mastermind groups each month, plus helping thousands of smart, passionate experts like you to start, grow and super-size their mastermind group business.

Starting on November 13, 2023, I will pass my 20+ years of experience on to you, and answer your burning questions about how to design and fill successful mastermind groups.


A clear plan for starting your next group and accelerating your growth

By the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with a strategic blueprint for your next mastermind group launch and a rapid implementation action plan. You will have designed the perfect mastermind group model for your own business goals and for your members’ needs.

Are you ready to grow your mastermind group business?


Since I started running mastermind groups full-time, I haven’t taken any new private one-on-one clients. All that is behind me and I have the freedom to work with more people, reach a much bigger audience, and help my students and group members create success in their lives.

So this is a very unique opportunity for you to work directly with me in a small group environment — from anywhere in the world via Zoom.

Imagine sitting around our virtual boardroom table, deep diving into design and marketing for your mastermind group. This is an intimate, highly-focused small group environment so you can get answers to your specific questions.

It’s about time you finally get it done, so you can launch your next group and start serving your new members.

Karyn Greenstreet


“I really enjoyed Karyn’s Mastermind Success Accelerator — it asked all of the right questions that I needed to answer to gain clarity about how I want to integrate Mastermind Groups into my business. Listening to the challenges facing the other participants gave me ideas that I would not have come up with on my own. This course delivered top value for the money spent. Thank you, Karyn!”

–Ingrid Slembek

Ingrid Slembek

“The Mastermind Success Accelerator provided our company with practical steps to take, to market and monetize Masterminds that will be of great value to our clientele and expand our offerings. I found the course highly informative and delivered in a practical and easy to understand manner. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to market and make a difference with people by using Masterminds as the vehicle.”

–Jeffrey Blomberg

Jeffrey Blomberg

It’s hands-on: Come prepared to work

We have six workshop sessions together, so let’s use it wisely. This workshop is all about getting things done.

This isn’t just a “theory” class; it’s a hands-on, experiential workshop. Apply what you’re learning immediately — both with in-class exercises and homework assignments each week that help you build your launch plan quickly.



“Karyn knows how to truly accelerate the process of planning the launch of your mastermind group. Why mess around with it for days or weeks? IF you are ready to go…this is the best time and money you could ever invest!”

–Pam Wolf

Pam Wolf


This virtual workshop meets 90 minutes each week, for six weekly sessions.

We begin on Monday, November 13, 2023.

All sessions are 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Eastern* on the following dates:

  • November 13
  • November 20
  • November 27
  • December 4
  • December 11
  • December 18

*Time Zone Conversion

*12:00 p.m. Central;  11:00 a.m. Mountain;  10:00 a.m. Pacific;  6:00 p.m. (18:00) London;  7:00 p.m. (19:00) Zurich/Berlin/Paris

8 Full Weeks of Support

During the time we’re in the workshop together, you can ask questions about the material we’re covering and get feedback from me as you build your marketing materials. After our six-week workshop, you will have two additional weeks to submit any of your marketing material to me for review and feedback, and email me questions about the design of your mastermind group and your marketing campaign plan. (And you will have four weeks after the class ends to access the resources and recordings on the private student website.)

Workshop Format

This workshop is offered via live Zoom with an instructor.

Video conferences are live workshops that are held online, where you can interact with the instructor and the other students. Video conferences are a great way to learn, because you can learn from the convenience of your home or office.

Optional telephone dial-in access. If you don’t have a camera and microphone on your computer, or you’ll be away from your computer during a workshop session, you can dial into the workshop via telephone. International dial-in numbers are available for many countries.

The live workshop sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you will be able to watch the recording at your leisure. Workshop recordings are generally edited and uploaded within 24 hours of the workshop session date.


“Loved the Accelerator class! By the time the training was over, I had my business model all worked out. I even learned I could price my groups higher than I thought. Karyn shared some great insights about this mastermind group business model. I feel ready to launch my new business now.”

–Jennifer Kellogg

Jennifer Kellogg

“I just wanted you to know that what you teach is growing and impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I would strongly recommend your mastermind program – and be prepared for amazing things to happen as a result!”

–Joe H. Jones Executive Director, Career Ministries

Joe H. Jones

Karyn Greenstreet


Once you register for this workshop, you may list your mastermind group for free for 90 days in the Find a Mastermind Group directory at The Success Alliance website. These listings receive over 85,000 visitors annually — people looking for mastermind groups just like yours! You will receive an email with instructions on how to list your mastermind group once you register. (A $600 value, yours free for registering for this workshop!)

Plus, you have access to me via email for two weeks after the workshop ends, to send your homework for my feedback and to ask questions.

Get into action now

Stop sitting and worrying about getting things done. Join me and a group of inspired mastermind group facilitators, and put the power of collective thinking to work for you.


Registration Fee: $549 (USD) for this six-part live virtual workshop beginning on November 13, 2023

Join me and get your marketing plans done! In addition to the six weekly workshop sessions, you also get private one-on-one access to me via email for eight weeks and I’ll review your marketing plans and materials as you create them.

Choose the pay in full registration ($549 USD) or select the 2-pay monthly installment plan option ($274.50 now and the balance in 28 days)

Payment Methods