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Proving Mastermind Group ROI

Creating and Using Self-Assessments to Prove Progress

Whether you are selling mastermind groups to the general public, or selling them into corporations and organizations, everyone wants to know — is there proof that mastermind groups work?

Members invest time, effort, and money when they join your mastermind group. They want to know it’s worth it. When members can see their own progress, it increases member satisfaction and retention. Then, you can use the aggregate results of your self-assessments to enhance your marketing of future groups.

In this webinar, I’ll share my strategy for creating and using self-assessments to prove ROI and show members their improvement. Because mastermind groups have both tangible and intangible benefits, creating a self-assessment is both an art and a science!

We’ll discuss:

  • What to measure in your self-assessments
  • The psychology and strategy of self-assessment design
  • How to automate the process
  • Leveraging the results for your marketing efforts

Webinar Date and Time

The free Mastermind Group ROI webinar is on Wednesday, October 11 at 1:00 pm eastern/10:00 am pacific for one hour.

We will record the live webinar, so if you can’t attend, register anyway! We’ll let you know when the recording is available.

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