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Watch Proving Mastermind Group ROI

Mastermind Group Accelerator workshop begins July 15, 2024. Learn how to design, market, and fill your mastermind groups. Work privately with me in a small group setting to design a mastermind group your audience wants to join. Create a savvy plan for marketing and finding prospective members. This hands-on virtual workshop is focused on the business and marketing aspects of creating your group and getting new members. Walk away with a plan! Click here to learn more about our Mastermind Group Accelerator virtual workshop.


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PDF of my mastermind group self-assessment

Example student self-assessment that shows a more freeform way of asking questions

A tutorial for using Google Forms for creating quizzes and self-assessments

Mastermind Group Success Starts Here

Free Video Tutorial

Free 3-part video tutorial
Step-by-step guidance to get started