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7 Creative Mastermind Group Agenda Ideas

Want to spice up your mastermind group meeting agenda?

Having a stable, predictable mastermind group agenda creates trust and communication. But when you want to shake things up a bit, here are seven ways to kick your mastermind group meetings into high gear:

  1. Launch a 30-day challenge – a big benefit of mastermind groups is the accountability factor. Why not jump-start your members by getting members to commit to one big, daring goal to be completed in 30 days? I’ve talked in the past about 90-day challenges, and they can be daunting to a group of busy people. So scale it back to 30 days, with daily accountability check-ins. Just make sure the winners get something wonderful for all their hard work! Here’s an 8-step checklist for creating a 90-day challenge; you can modify it for your 30-day challenge.
  2. Choose a book to study (and implement!) with the group. Admit it, we’ve all read books chock full of smart ideas, and haven’t done a thing to use those ideas in our real lives. Have your mastermind group vote on a book and a timeline for reading it (perhaps a chapter a week), then use part of your meeting for brainstorming discussions about the best information. Follow-up with accountability check-ins to make sure members are really implementing what they’ve learned. Here’s some book ideas for mastermind groups to study together.
  3. Create sub-groups around one specific topic. Do some members of your group want to create plans around Facebook advertising? Is there another set of people want to deep dive into work/life balance issues? Go ahead – let them! In each meeting, plan some time where members can come together in smaller groups to discuss a narrow topic.
  4. Get away from it all, and organize a weekend retreat for your members. Members can use the time to think strategically about their goals and plans, or you can run ultra-long Hot Seats where each member can jump into a discussion about a juicy project they’re working on and map it out entirely. Here is an idea for a retreat weekend agenda, for both virtual and in-person mastermind events.
  5. Each one teach one – have each member volunteer to teach one of their expertise topics for 30 minutes in a meeting. They should select a topic that would benefit everyone in the group, and design the training session towards the knowledge level of the group. If someone’s expertise doesn’t fit the needs of the group, then have that person explain how to use a piece of software, an app, or a productivity tool that’s useful to the group.
  6. Have the group brainstorm a group Mission and Vision statement. What’s the purpose of the group? What are its core values? Where does the group see itself a year from now…or two years from now?
  7. Do Laser Hot Seats – imagine the energy created when each Hot Seat is only 10 minutes! It requires the Hot Seat member to be crystal clear and succinct in explaining their situation and then remaining silent as the other members popcorn ideas quickly. No editing allowed – just let it roar!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let your imagination guide you in creating variations for mastermind group agendas that rock your members and keep them moving forward!

Want to learn how to start a mastermind group? Click here to get my free video tutorial on how to create a mastermind group of your own.

Want to learn how to start a mastermind group? Click here to get my free video tutorial on how to create a mastermind group of your own.

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  1. Mark McNulty says:

    These gave me a lot of choices. Sometimes my group slows down and I can do different things now to bring them back into focus. Thank you.

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