Speed Up Growth: Start a Mastermind Group free video tutorial

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Speed Up Growth: Start a Mastermind Group

Creative Ways to Add Mastermind Groups to Your Revenue Model

Mastermind Group expert Karyn Greenstreet shares her secrets

The popularity of mastermind groups is growing worldwide, as people like you are creating success through brainstorming with your peers, solving problems, generating creative ideas, designing strong action plans, and holding each other accountable.

Learn how starting a mastermind group enhances your personal and professional life, leveraging your time and expanding your impact.

And remember: You can facilitate mastermind groups for your clients as an added value to them and a revenue stream for you.

You will learn:

  • The 11 extraordinary benefits of mastermind groups
  • Creative ideas for choosing a niche for your mastermind group
  • The optimal number of people for your group (this one may surprise you!)
  • Create a successful, enduring group by screening participants and eliminating duds
  • Winning agendas for flourishing mastermind group meetings

Free Video Tutorial — Speed Up Growth: Start a Mastermind Group

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Free Video Tutorial

Free Video Tutorial

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