Mastermind Group Consulting helps you design, market and run your thriving groups.


Mastermind Group Consulting

There are many moving pieces when you’re putting together mastermind groups for your members. It’s helpful to have support during the planning and implementation process.

All over the world, small business owners, professional associations, schools, and workplaces are using mastermind groups to connect at a different level. These are not merely “brainstorming meetings.” Goal setting, action planning, decision making, and accountability are woven together to help create success for your members and employees through mastermind groups.

For Small Business Owners, Consultants, Trainers, and Coaches

Mastermind groups offer you another revenue stream and a way to work more closely with your clients to improve results and support them while they’re implementing their action plans.

Private consulting helps you:

  • plan your group design, group guidelines, pricing, the application process, and vetting of new members
  • determine logistics of where and how meetings will run
  • build your audience and market your group to prospective members
  • create a strong onboarding process
  • design accountability structures
  • deal with problem members or other facilitation challenges

Contact me to discuss how a Strategy Session helps you solve challenges and move forward quickly with your mastermind groups.

For Professional Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and other Organizations

Mastermind groups increase retention rates for employees and members. For some organizations like Chambers of Commerce and professional associations, it can add an additional, valuable revenue stream.

We work together to:

  • bring internal groups to your organization, corporation or school
  • determine if mastermind groups are right for your members or employees
  • plan your group design, group guidelines, pricing, the application process
  • determine logistics of where and how meetings will run, and who will facilitate them
  • train your team in mastermind group facilitation skills, or help you find a trained facilitator to run your groups
  • market your group to organization members and vet new members
  • create a feedback loop to determine the groups’ success and ROI

Contact me to discuss your organization’s situation and how I can help bring masterminding to your group.

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