Setting Yearly Goals: Is Your Group Asking You To Grow?
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Setting Yearly Goals: Is Your Group Asking You To Grow?

It’s that time of year again…time to start thinking about your goals for next year. Setting yearly goals significantly increases the likelihood of success. But setting the bar too low is a recipe for self-sabotage.

The growing edge

We know in the study of motivation that there is a “growing edge” where people are most likely to accomplish their goals and tasks, and move forward on their dreams. The growing edge is the place in your mind that says two things that are true: that the task is challenging AND the task is do-able; it’s the place of the possibility of the most growth.

Finding the place where the most growth can take place is an important task, even if it’s the most painful place, because it is often the most fertile place as well.

We often resist changes in our life

It is inevitable that resistance and fear will happen. Because this is a holistic model, your growing edge will naturally bring up your fears and your resistance to change. Keep your focus on the vision of possibility while respecting the fears that come up. Making mistakes and taking risks is welcome because it releases creativity and imagination.

When looking for your growing edge, always start with the “truth” of where you really are now. Do not start with your pathology (what is preventing you from moving forward). Instead, always start with your vision.

Many people have two dreams, two visions…

…the “big dream” for the distant future (also called the “meta-vision” or all-encompassing dream of how we’d like things in the future), and a vision “in the now” of what can be accomplished today or this week or this month. It’s important to keep both dreams in your mind simultaneously when doing this work, because that is where your passion and energy resides.

Remember, no growing edge is better or worse than another

Each growing edge is unique and people rarely have the exact same growing edge, even if they’re dealing with the same issue.

When you are part of a mastermind group, your mastermind partners should be aware of your growing edge and should hold your feet to the fire. When making plans for the next 12 months of your personal and professional life, make sure that your plans are “challenging but do-able.” And ask your mastermind partners to always, always ask you: Are you on the growing edge?

Accountability plays a key role here. Your group may encourage you to set big goals, but are they also making sure you implement your plans and look for failure points? It’s easy (and fun) for a group to come up with wonderful goals for each member, and harder for each member to achieve those goals without the group brainstorming and support. Make sure you group is encouraging you to grow and make sure that you’re all helping each other by making those goals come true.

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Free Video Tutorial

Learn How to Start Your Own Mastermind Group