Setting Yearly Goals: Is Your Group Asking You To Grow?
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Setting Yearly Goals: Is Your Group Asking You To Grow?

It’s that time of year again…time to start thinking about your goals for next year. After all, setting annual goals significantly increases the likelihood of success. But setting the bar too low or too high is a recipe for self-sabotage. Your mastermind group can help you set goals that are “just right.”

The growing edge

We know in the study of motivation that there is a growing edge where you are most likely to accomplish your goals and move forward on your dreams.

The growing edge is the place in your mind that says two things that are true: that the goal is challenging AND the goal is doable; it’s the place of the possibility of the most growth.

Finding that sweet spot is an important task — even if it’s the most uncomfortable place — because it is often the most fertile place as well.

We often resist changes in our life

It is inevitable that fear will arise as you work on your goals and dreams. Your growing edge goal will naturally bring up your resistance to change — and it should, as it’s a sign where you need to stretch yourself. Keep your focus on the vision of possibility while respecting the fears that come up.

It’s okay to make mistakes as you work through the steps to finishing a big project or reaching a major goal. Taking risks is welcome because it releases creativity and imagination.

How to find your growing edge

When looking for your growing edge goal, always start with the truth of where you really are right now. Do not start with your history or what has prevented you from moving forward in the past. Instead, always start with what’s true right now and your vision for your future.

Many people have two dreams, two visions

You have two ways you look at your future:

  • the “big dream” for the distant future (an all-encompassing dream of how we’d like things in the future)
  • the “short-term dream” of what can be accomplished today or this week or this month.

It’s important to keep both dreams in your mind simultaneously when doing this work because that is where your passion and energy reside.

Where do you want to be a year from now?

And where do you want to be by the end of next month?

What’s your growing edge today?

Your growing edge goals will encompass those projects you need to complete and the habits you have to change, which are both challenging and doable.

Don’t pick goals that are too easy to do — you won’t put the effort or energy into them the way you would if the goal fired you up.

On the other hand, don’t pick goals that are so difficult or outside your comfort zone that you’ll resist doing them.

Find a middle ground that ignites your vision and energy, and that will ask you to grow as a human being.

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Your mastermind group can hold you accountable

Each growing edge is unique and no two people have the exact same growing edge — even if they have the same goal. Say that you run a business-building mastermind group. Everyone in the group wants to increase revenue, but each member’s individual growing edge will be a different revenue number.

When you are part of a mastermind group, your mastermind partners should be aware of your growing edge and should hold your feet to the fire. When making plans for the next 12 months of your personal and professional life, make sure that your plans are challenging but doable.

Your mastermind partners should always be asking you: Are you on the growing edge? Or are you either playing safe or overcommitting?

Accountability plays a key role here. Your mastermind group may encourage you to set big goals. But are they also making sure you implement your plans and look for failure points?

It’s easy, fun and exciting for a group to come up with huge, wonderful goals for each member. But it’s harder for the individual member to achieve those goals without the group brainstorming and support that happens each month as you implement your action plan. Make sure your group is encouraging you to grow and that you’re all helping each other by making sure those goals are on the growing edge.

For mastermind group facilitators

Try these exercises with your members:

  • Ask them to define their big picture goal and their one-month goal — are those two goals in alignment?
  • When defining their big picture goal, are they choosing goals that are both challenging and doable? Are they on their growing edge?
  • How will they help identify the growing edge of the other members and hold them accountable?
  • How will individual members self-identify when they’re getting off track and how will they course correct to get back on track?
  • How will they identify and discuss fear, resistance to change, and the setting of goals which are too easy or too difficult?

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  1. Bill says:

    I strongly believe the answers to our goals are within each of us. Others may be helpful in teasing them out, however we must own and commit to the goals and our path to achievement of them. We must resource their success with our time, resources, and energy while periodically measuring our progress, making corrections along the Journey.

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