Helping Frozen Members and Clients
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Helping Frozen Members and Clients

By Karyn Greenstreet

When our mastermind group members stop moving forward, our job is to help them figure out where they are stuck.

Sometimes it’s a practical problem they need to solve. But more often, they’re stuck because they’re frozen: they’re feeling overwhelmed by how many tasks are on their To Do list and they have many competing demands for their time and energy. Their goals feel like insurmountable mountains rather than a small series of hills.

In this free webinar, I talk about how to help your mastermind group members and clients get unstuck! I share practical tips and techniques I use with my mastermind group members every day to keep productivity high while dealing with the gremlins in our minds that stop us from moving forward.

Mastermind groups are a powerful way to increase your reach and revenue. But to run successful mastermind groups, you must master the art of facilitating the group dynamics and conversations, while coaching your individual members to reach their goals and dreams.

This webinar helps you add a powerful tool to your facilitator’s toolkit. And if you work one-on-one with private clients, these tools will help you, too.


Want to learn how to start a mastermind group? Click here to get my free video tutorial on how to create a mastermind group of your own.

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