Great Books for Mastermind Groups to Read Together
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Great Books for Mastermind Groups to Read Together

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By Karyn Greenstreet

One of the most insightful and inspiring things I’ve done with mastermind groups is to choose a book that the group reads and discusses together.

It’s an amazing journey of discover when you read the same chapter together, yet each person finds different themes and elements, and ways to apply the chapter to their lives.

You might need to get the author or publisher’s permission to use any of these book.

Consider reading these books with your mastermind group:

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3 thoughts on “Great Books for Mastermind Groups to Read Together”

  1. Jose, this post is just a list of books you can use with your mastermind group. If you’re looking for the blog post about reasons by mastermind groups fail, you can find it here:

  2. Miguel says:

    Would it be ok to charge for a mastermind group where we study any of the books listed above, even though I am not certified as an authorized facilitator by the author (or his company)?

    1. Karyn Greenstreet says:

      That’s a good question, Miguel. If everyone owned their own copy of the book, what’s to stop them from discussing it and brainstorming around it together?

      I know some authors do have their own coach training programs around their books, so if you’re concerned, I would write to them with your idea to see if you need permission from them.

      (Also, you can’t put in your marketing text that you’re authorized or certified by them, unless it’s true.)

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