Book-Based Mastermind Groups: Get Author's Permission?
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Book-Based Mastermind Groups: Get Author’s Permission?

Book-based mastermind groups are one of the easiest and fastest mastermind groups to start. Several people have asked me if they need to get permission from the author if they want to use a book as the basis for their mastermind group.

The answer is: It depends…

If you want to quote extensively from the book, or use the author’s original material as part of your mastermind group, then, Yes, I would contact the publisher or author, and ask permission.

If every member is going to purchase their own copy of the book and simply discuss what they’ve read and how they’ll apply it to their life/business, then you probably don’t need special permission. But, hey, I’m not a lawyer, so it’s my best guess that by purchasing the book, you’re allowed to share your thoughts on it.

However, from the author’s perspective, wouldn’t it be nice to know that a group of people loved your book so much that they wanted to study and mastermind around it together?

Some authors include instructions in their book about starting a group. They might call it a “book study,” but you can modify a standard book study group to include masterminding: not just a discussion of the principles in the book, but how you’re going to apply them to your real life. Include goal-setting, problem-solving, and accountability, and you’ve got a book-based mastermind group.

So, my best advice is to always contact the author or publisher. It only takes a moment to find their contact information and send a quick email. It’s highly likely that they’ll say yes, and if they happen to say no, then you know you’re working within the bounds of the law and the author’s wishes.

Looking for book ideas for your mastermind group?

There are many great books you can use as a basis for your mastermind group. Here’s a list of books I recommend that work well in a mastermind group setting.

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2 thoughts on “Book-Based Mastermind Groups: Get Author’s Permission?”

  1. Paul Wirth says:

    Great topic! I may just try it. Thank you.

    1. Karyn Greenstreet says:

      Good luck with it, Paul! There are many books to choose from (or, perhaps, your OWN book if you’ve written one!)

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