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Upcoming Mastermind Group Academy Classes

I offer several programs to help you start, market, manage and facilitate your mastermind group.

  • Mastermind Group Facilitator Training – learn the skills and art of running successful groups, and helping your members reach their dreams. Self-paced online learning program.
  • Start a Mastermind Group Today – This introductory class helps you with designing your next group. We cover all the major decisions you need to make when creating a new group. Self-paced online learning program.
  • Mastermind Success Accelerator Marketing class – class begins March 16, 2020. Learn how to fill your mastermind groups! We meet via video conferencing.
  • Synergy Mastermind Group and Mentoring Program – a business-building mastermind group for business owners who run mastermind groups as part of their product/service offerings. Get advanced training and group brainstorming with Karyn and other mastermind group facilitators.

Which program is right for you?

Each class has its own specific content. Here are some things to consider:

  • If you are new to mastermind groups and want to get started, take the Start a Mastermind Group Today class. This introductory level class helps you design your mastermind group, including agendas, guidelines, selecting members, and running your first meeting.
  • If you are ready to facilitate your first mastermind group, or are already a mastermind group Facilitator and want to sharpen your facilitation skills, learn new group process and individual member techniques, take the Mastermind Group Facilitator Training class. In this class, we focus on learning new facilitation skills so you can run awesome mastermind group meetings and help your members be successful.
  • If you need help with marketing and finding prospective members, and want to design a savvy marketing plan quickly, then the Mastermind Success Accelerator is the right class for you. This class is focused on the business and marketing aspects of creating your group and getting new members.
  • If you want to be part of a mentoring program FOR mastermind group facilitators, the Synergy Mastermind Group and Mentoring Program is right for you. It includes monthly group meetings, free access to all the above classes (Start, Facilitator, and Accelerator classes), plus advanced lessons on marketing, group facilitation and business design.

Mastermind Group Academy

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Free Video Tutorial

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