Consulting to Take Your Mastermind Group to the Next Level

Whether you’re putting together your first mastermind group, or launching your 20th one, it’s helpful to have support during the process. I offer private, one-on-one sessions to help you with:

  • plan your group design
  • bring internal groups to your organization, corporation or school
  • design a mastermind group program or bundle
  • market your group to get new members
  • deal with problem members or other group challenges
  • learn new mastermind group facilitation skills

Two-hour Consulting

Sometimes you have a specific goal you want to achieve or a set of problems you want to solve, or you need a review of your marketing materials/process. The two-hour consultation allows you to quickly get through your checklist of items to discuss, including coming up with an action plan that you can then implement on your own.

Contact me if you’d like to talk about which one of these programs is right for you. Also take a look at my structured classes which may be exactly what you need.

Read more about me and my work with mastermind group Facilitators.

Free Video Tutorial

Free Video Tutorial

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