Your Commitment to Your Mastermind Group

Commitment to Your Mastermind Group

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Because of the nature of the group brainstorming and support, a commitment to your mastermind group is required. Your mastermind group members rely upon your participation, and you want to know that they are going to be around for you, too.

Often, new mastermind group memberships requires a commitment for a specific period of time, sometimes three months or more. Why? Because the best groups — the most effective and bonded and helpful groups, the groups that help each individual to move rapidly toward their dreams — are ones that stick together for at least three months. The first few meetings are about getting to know each other’s situations. Only by the third or fourth meeting are you going deep enough, and taking enough actions, to start showing results.

In short, the more often you participate, and the deeper you go in discussions, the more you will get out of the group.

Two-way advice and support

Mastermind groups look for highly-motivated people who are both willing to ask for help and support, and are willing to give help and support to other people. Everyone prospers through this deep sharing of ideas and talents.

Imagine a room full of people who are brainstorming together to solve problems, make smarter (and faster) decisions, and design practical action plans. Now imagine that group of people focused on you and your situation. The power of a mastermind group is extensive if everyone works to help each other.

Ask yourself: are you ready to build the personal and profession life of your dreams?

Groups are looking for people who are ready to commit several hours per month to their own personal and business growth. They’re looking for people who are motivated and ready to take smart action. Is that you?

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