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List Your Mastermind Group FAQ

Want to be seen by people searching for a mastermind group to join?

  • You can list your mastermind group on The Success Alliance website.
  • Our site receives over 85,000 visitors per year and our Facilitators report that they get good responses from listing their group on our Find A Mastermind Group page.
  • Your listing will remain on The Success Alliance website for 90 days.

What else do you get?

In addition to your listing on our website, we promote the Find A Mastermind Group link through our 50,000 contacts via social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).


The Find A Mastermind Group page is here to serve people who are looking for a mastermind group to join. Therefore, we’re careful about what we present on this page so that the site visitor has a good experience and finds what they are looking for.

  1. You must have a page on your website that promotes your specific public mastermind group offer, where visitors can learn the details about joining your group, and the membership fees. It cannot be the home page or services page of your website if those pages include other offers beside your mastermind group offer: it must be a dedicated page that describes your mastermind group and gives details about it. We will check this link frequently to make sure it’s still a valid page and the offer is still the same.
  2. We do not accept listings for “facilitator for hire” services.
  3. We do not accept listings that offer a free lead generation opt-in page. You must be offering a specific mastermind group which people can join.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse listings that take a visitor to a page that contains malware, computer viruses or any offensive material. We also reserve the final right to determine which listings are represented on The Success Alliance website.
  5. We do not accept listings for generic articles about mastermind groups, or from vendors who want to sell products/services to mastermind group Facilitators.
  6. You may list multiple groups at a time, but each group listing has its own individual fee, and its own individual listing. You may not create a blanket “here are all my many mastermind groups” listing.
  7. For each listing, the group description section is limited to 500 characters. The group title has a limit of 50 characters (to fit on one line). The other standard worded sections are separate from these limits. You can see the listing layout by looking at any of the current listings on the Find A Mastermind Group page.
  8. You must be running a true mastermind group. By that we mean a mastermind group where each person gets to be in a Hot Seat on a regular basis, so that the group focuses deeply on one person’s situation. We do not accept listings for any mastermind group where regular Hot Seats are not part of the process because people prefer to join mastermind groups where they can get personal attention. We do not accept listings for group coaching programs or where the meetings are simply Q+A type group consulting meetings.
  9. Once you have approved your listing, it will go live on the site and is a fixed listing for 90 days. You may not edit your listing once you have approved it, and you cannot “swap out” a listing for a new mastermind group midway through the 90 day cycle.

Premium Listing

The top-of-page listing (the first listing on the page) is called the premium listing because it’s the first mastermind group visitors will see. We only accept one premium listing at a time, and premium listings are for 90 days. That means we only accept four premium listings a year.

Contact us to inquire if we are accepting any premium listings. We will let you know when the next premium listing will be available for you to purchase. First come, first served.

Listing Advertising Rates

The fee for each 90-day listing is $600.

The fee for the premium position listing is $1,200.

What to do next


  1. Pay online here for a regular listing. If you’re interested in a Premium Listing, contact us to inquire if we are accepting any premium listings.
  2. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a link to the listing submissions page where you can fill out your group’s information.
  3. It can take up to one week to post a new listing so make sure you submit your listing in advance so we can have it ready as part of your marketing campaign.
  4. We will contact you with questions, email you a sample of what your listing will look like for your approval, and to let you know when your listing is live.

Got questions?

Please contact us if you have questions. We’d love to help you promote your mastermind group!

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