Dealing with the Overwhelmed Member
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Dealing with the Overwhelmed Member

A bit of advice – you will have some prospective members who have concerns about how much training they get with your mastermind group or membership program. They wonder, “How can I possibly digest so much information if I join this group?”

This is true whether you deliver your training material in a live workshop or whether you deliver it as pre-recorded, self-study material.

  • Prospects are concerned that they won’t be able to keep up. This may cause some concerns during the sales conversation as they are weighing whether your program is right for them. Remind them that this training material is a library that they can dip into as needed.

You may have some existing members saying the same thing – and this can lead to people not actively engaging with your group after a few months. It’s not because they don’t want to succeed in your program. It’s because they feel they are a failure when they can’t keep up with all the training material.

Think about how you can support them as they are trying to understand everything you offer.

Consider offering your members:

  1. A course catalog, that describes each course and/or lesson – the goal of the course, and the contents. That way, they can see the entire “library” of your training material.
  2. A study guide – essentially reverse-engineering the course catalog. In the first column is the problem or goal they have, and in the second column which lesson (or lessons) contain the information they need.
  3. A course checklist – a simple list of all the courses that they can check off once they’ve completed a course. Some learning management systems have this built into their platform.
  4. Everyone on your team has a thorough knowledge of what topics are covered in which course, so that when a member talks about a specific problem they’re having, a team member or facilitator can say, “Oh, that’s in our ABC course.” Or “We wrote a blog post (book, webinar, video) on that  topic and you can find it here.”


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