What to Do When You Don't Know
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What to Do When You Don’t Know

The topic of “not knowing what your next step is” came up in a mastermind group meeting last month, and I wanted to share my response to it:

I’m reminded of a member I had in mastermind group from 15 years ago who was in a similar situation: she had a very successful business, but felt it was time to step into her greatness and take the next step…

…whatever that was.

For months she struggled with figuring out what she truly wanted, what was valuable, what would excite her. She knew there was more inside her and she wasn’t ready to sit and watch TV all day.

Status quo wasn’t good enough, but she didn’t know what was next. No idea tempted her.

We began to realize that part of the struggle was that she didn’t like being in that place of “not knowingness.”

So when your mastermind group member is unsure of the right next step, instead of brainstorming about next steps and goal-setting, ask them: How can you dance with the “not knowingness” and be okay with uncertainty?

Or perhaps Gary Zukav has the best advice: when you don’t know what to do next, try something — anything. Take an action in any direction, a tentative step, and see how you feel about it and if the doors open up for you.

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