One-liner Core Marketing Message Exercise
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One-liner Core Marketing Message Exercise

By Karyn Greenstreet

Hi, everyone!

This week, instead of writing one of my blog posts, I’m sharing with you a resource I’ve been sending to all my mastermind group members. It’s Donald Miller’s (Storybrand) exercise on how to create a captivating one-liner explanation of your business and your benefits — your core marketing message. No matter how long you’ve been in business, it’s always worth revisiting and tweaking your core marketing message.

You can create multiple one-liners to use in several ways:

  • On your home page to capture attention
  • As an opening paragraph on a landing page for one of your products or services (create a new one-liner for each product/service)
  • When you’re introducing yourself at a networking meeting and someone asks, “What does your business do?”
  • As part of your introduction when you are a podcast guest or host, or if you are presenting at a conference, virtual summit or teaching an virtual workshop.
  • On your social media profiles

It’s a super simple exercise and should take you about 15 minutes to do. He explains it in the first part of this video on YouTube; in the second part of the video, audience members share the one-liners they created and he gives feedback on their one-liners.

Let me know if you found this exercise helpful! I can’t wait to hear what you create.

P.S. Check out my companion blog post, explaining the difference between your positioning statement and this one-liner core marketing message.

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