Safe Zoom during Meetings and Classes
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Safe Zoom during Meetings and Classes

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By Karyn Greenstreet

Many of you use Zoom for mastermind group meetings, classes, and private client meetings.

Unfortunately, because Zoom has become so prevalent during this pandemic, some hackers are enjoying disrupting meetings, by either attending a meeting where the Zoom link was made public on social media or by simply guessing a random 9-digit Zoom room ID.

Here’s how to protect your meetings and classes.

First, there is a Zoom software update available. 

There are two ways to get it:

  1. Access the Zoom App, click your face icon in the upper right corner, and select Check for Updates
  2. Or, go into any unused meeting, start the meeting, then exit the meeting. Zoom will then remind you to install the update.

There are TWO places in Zoom where you can set privacy/control

In the main “Settings” for your Zoom account (applies to all meetings), and in each individual meeting, as needed.

Note: Zoom Meetings is a different product from Zoom Webinars. These tips are for Zoom Meetings.

Here are some simple settings to ensure your privacy, and deal with disruptive behavior, during meetings:

In the main Settings for your account

  • Add passwords to meetings, including for those who are joining your meeting by phone.
  • Disable screen sharing except for the host.
  • Disable remote control.
  • Do not allow removed attendees to rejoin a meeting if you’ve manually removed them from the meeting.

In each individual meeting’s Settings

  • You can require passwords for an individual meeting rather than the overarching password requirement in the main Settings.
  • Disable “join before host” so that people can’t get into your meeting room if you’re not there yet.

You also have control DURING meetings

As the host, you have extra controls at the bottom of your Zoom screen that the participants don’t have. Theses ones are the ones you want to look for:

Zoom host controls

The Manage Participants button (Alt-U) is the one that gives you all the power.

When you see a list of all the participants, you can right-click (CMD-click) on an individual participant who is misbehaving and either mute them, or remove them from the meeting.

You can also enable or disable Chat, or enable it only for private chats with the Host (that’s you) and one other person, but not public chats.

Zoom has a blog post on other ways to secure your Zoom meeting/class here on their blog.

Remember, YOU have control of your Zoom meetings. Most people will behave well, but occasionally there is someone who wants attention and won’t follow normal group protocol.

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