Sharing Success Stories in Your Mastermind Meetings
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Sharing Success Stories in Your Mastermind Meetings

In mastermind groups, atmosphere and mindset matter. To help set the right tone and atmosphere in mastermind group meetings, I encourage you to start each meeting with a round of Success Stories. These are 1 or 2 minute retelling of something that’s happened to each person since the last meeting that makes them feel successful.

Each person’s definition of “success” is different

For one person, it might be finally cleaning and decluttering their office. For another person, it might be having an important relationship-building conversation with their child. It could be the million dollar sale, or walking three times in the past week.

It doesn’t matter what the actual success story is

What matters is that we bring forward those things that make us feel successful and share them with the group…and that the group hears it and acknowledges it and applauds it. And it helps us to define what success looks like and feels like.

This helps foster a positive mental attitude and helps people look for success in everyday occurrences. And after all, isn’t that what a mastermind group is all about? Helping each other with great ideas, getting into action around those ideas, and feeling successful because of that action.

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