The Social Aspects of Your Mastermind Group
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The Social Aspects of Your Mastermind Group

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By Karyn Greenstreet

Is a mastermind group all work and no play?

Nope! The social aspects of mastermind groups should not be overlooked, as they reap huge rewards for everyone involved.

As a mastermind group facilitator, one of your most important tasks is to foster bonding and rapport among your mastermind group members. Group members will certainly connect to each other during group Hot Seats and exercises, but planning time for social connections will balance out the conversation and allow people to know each other from several viewpoints.

Here are some ideas for social time in mastermind groups:

  • In live meetings, take breaks often, allowing people to converse between Hot Seats
  • Provide coffee and tea, which breaks the ice and encourages conversation
  • Suggest the group meet for a meal before or after your mastermind meetings
  • Consider holding an Annual Mastermind Retreat Weekend where members can do intense masterminding and have social time with others. This is especially a good idea for mastermind groups that meet virtually.
  • Encourage members to choose a Mastermind Accountability Partner to do some one-on-one masterminding with
  • During meetings, have members pair up to do a success exercise

Remember, your goal is a cohesive mastermind group that knows, likes and respects one another.

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