Staying Connected Between Mastermind Meetings
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Staying Connected Between Mastermind Meetings

As I discussed in my blog post, 10 Reasons Why Mastermind Groups Fail, one of the failure points is communication between meetings.

In my mastermind groups, we have an online message forum. And, wow, does that message forum get busy! It’s a great place to expand upon ideas, to deeply share thoughts, and to talk about other challenges or decisions that come up between meetings.

There are many places online to create a private message forum for your members:

In addition to message forums, consider having check-in phone calls between meetings. These are short teleconferences where people talk about the actions they’ve taken since the last meeting. This is also the place to share what successes you’ve had and how close you are to your stated goal. .

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2 thoughts on “Staying Connected Between Mastermind Meetings”

  1. Gina Kaelin-Westcott says:

    Women 4 Women Mastermind uses the Linked In discussion to keep the group connected. All are members of LinkedIn and even though the group is private others can see that you have posted something to the discussion board. I love the idea of a short call in between. Great Suggesstion!

    1. How often does your group meet, Gina?

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