Starting a Mastermind Group: Three Key Steps
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Starting Mastermind Groups: Three Key Steps

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By Karyn Greenstreet

Here are some quick tips for starting your mastermind groups.

1. Pick a niche or topic area

The more narrowly you define the topic area for your group, the better chance you’ll have of attracting the right members. Need ideas for topic areas? Read the blog post What Types of Mastermind Groups Are There? for suggestions.

2. Decide how many people

The best groups are 4-8 people, for two reasons: First, it gives everyone a chance to be in the “hot seat” at each meeting. Second, if someone doesn’t show up for the meeting, there are still enough people there to effectively mastermind together. If you need more information on how many people should be in your group, read the blog post How Many Members Should Be In a Mastermind Group?

3. Choose the right participants

Nothing will destroy a good group than bad members. You want to find people who are excited about creating change in their lives, who have a positive mental outlook, and who are eager to both give and receive advice and support. Check out this Mastermind Group Readiness Quiz we developed when creating our own mastermind groups.

Want to learn more about starting a mastermind group?

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4 thoughts on “Starting Mastermind Groups: Three Key Steps”

  1. Mary Malese says:

    Thanks, Karyn, very helpful quick tips. I’m starting my first mastermind group next month and am gathering info about the best way forward.


    1. That’s great news, Mary. What type of group are you creating?

  2. Andreas Jones says:

    The above mention points are very very important to start our own mastermind group.. Thanks for sharing it.

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