What Types of Mastermind Groups Are There?
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What Types of Mastermind Groups Are There?

Many people form mastermind groups to help build their business. But business mastermind groups aren’t the only type of masterminding going on these days. There are over 35 types of mastermind groups. Let’s explore them!

Mastermind groups are becoming more popular, and consultants, coaches and trainers are expanding their business offerings with mastermind groups.

There are so many ways to bring mastermind groups into the world! This list might give you some creative ideas for starting a mastermind group of your own. Learn more about what a mastermind group is and how it works here.

People who are:

  1. small business owners and entrepreneurs
  2. CEOs and executive-level managers
  3. members of a professional association
  4. new managers
  5. salespeople
  6. musicians and artists
  7. authors and writers
  8. work-at-home parents
  9. landlords
  10. real estate investors
  11. singles
  12. recently divorced
  13. internet marketers
  14. retailers
  15. dentists
  16. painting contractors
  17. parents of teens
  18. empty nesters
  19. retirees and soon-to-be retirees
  20. managers at bank branches
  21. consultants and trainers
  22. members of a Chamber of Commerce

People who want to share best practices in:

  1. network marketing
  2. going to the next stage of your career
  3. living the law of attraction
  4. fitness and weight loss
  5. growing a business
  6. building wealth
  7. creating a healthy lifestyle
  8. dealing with difficult people
  9. finding a new romantic partner
  10. dealing with teenagers
  11. adding more spirituality into your life
  12. caring for the caregiver
  13. work/life balance

Mastermind groups…not just for business owners anymore!

Want to learn how to start a mastermind group? Click here to get my free video tutorial on how to create a mastermind group of your own.

4 thoughts on “What Types of Mastermind Groups Are There?”

  1. Motlalepule says:

    I really want to start a mastermind group to grow my business, but because it’s the first time. i want to charge any money for start, but when time goes on and these progress. then people can start paying. is that possible?

    1. Karyn Greenstreet says:

      Hi, Motlalepule,

      I have found that free mastermind groups rarely “convert” to paid mastermind groups. Once a member has gotten it for free, they’ll be very resistant to paying for it later. Why not start with a low-cost mastermind group, if your concern is the fee structure?

  2. Pacaw says:

    I had never thought of so many mastermind groups. This lists gives me a lot of great ideas, thanks, Karyn!


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