Getting Your Mastermind Group to Set and Keep Goals
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Getting Your Mastermind Group to Set and Keep Goals

One of the major benefits of belonging to a mastermind group is accountability. You share your goals with the group, and the group helps keep you on track by asking you about your Action Plan and what you’ve accomplished so far.

So how do you first get your mastermind group members to set goals?

It all starts with them voicing a vision for what they want in their life and business. What’s the Big Vision for their future?

Next, ask them to set intermediate goals that will lead them towards that Big Vision. Have the group brainstorm about which intermediate goals will be most effective and which may be a waste of time, money or resources.

Finally, ask the member to write out an Action Plan for achieving each intermediate goal. The group can help by making sure the action plan is accurate, includes not only what will be done, by what the deadline is, and who is going to do the work.

Each meeting, each member should review his/her action plan with the group and report on the status.

Members should be listening for several things:

  1. Are action items getting done on a timely basis?
  2. Is the member trying to do everything themselves, or are they delegating what can be delegated?
  3. Are they adding in other action items that will not lead them towards their Big Vision?
  4. Where have they overestimated or underestimated the time it takes to do tasks?

By setting and keeping goals, your mastermind group achieves success. Have your mastermind group members work diligently on all aspects of their dreams for success, from the Big Vision to their Action Plan.

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