A 90-Day Mastermind Group: What An Idea!
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A 90-Day Mastermind Group: What An Idea!

Most mastermind groups last at least six months, and many last for years. But some prospective members have concerns about committing to a long-term mastermind group, especially if they’re new to a group. After all, how long should your mastermind group live?

Here’s an antidote to the commitment problem: start your mastermind group and limit it to 90 days. In this way, members can get to know one another, mastermind and brainstorm together, and see if it’s a good “fit” for everyone. After the 90 days are up, the group can vote whether to continue or not.

I just finished leading a 90-day mastermind group that ran from June to August. We met every other week, so six meetings in a three-month period.

One mastermind group member wrote, “The group support really helped me to look at my business differently and to think through my business strategy to attain a better approach to marketing and to fine tune the services that I offer to my clients!” All in just 90 days.

Here are some key points to consider:

How often you meet

Because you’re only going to be meeting for 90 days, you have a shortened horizon for people to get to know, like and respect each other. Consider meeting every week or every two weeks during those first 90 days so that people have the maximum exposure to one another and have a chance to connect as a group. In my Leap Year mastermind group, we met twice a month for three months.

Extreme commitment

Since your mastermind group will be of short duration, everyone must attend every meeting and you need written guidelines about the rules of mastermind group membership. As the mastermind group facilitator, it’s your job to schedule the meetings and post the dates and times, and ask everyone to block those times out of their calendar in advance. In this way, people are agreeing to attend every meeting and participate fully in every meeting.

Length of meetings and Hot Seats

There’s always a toss-up between the value of shorter mastermind meetings versus longer ones. However, when you’re trying to provide great value in a short amount of time, consider lengthening the meeting time to longer than you might normally offer. A good rule of thumb: allow 15-30 minutes per Hot Seat, per month.

In my Leap Year mastermind group, meetings were 90 minutes long and¬†everyone rotated in the Hot Seat (most Hot Seats were 20 minutes). Leap Year members got to be in the Hot Seat once a month. In my current Synergy Program, meetings are two hours, so everyone gets a Hot Seat in each meeting. It’s your job as the Facilitator to make sure everyone got equal chance to be in the Hot Seat, so be strategic about designing your 90-day mastermind group to allow for enough Hot Seat time.

Decide if you’ll have an online message forum

Because the group is only meeting for 90 days, there’s a lot of energy and activity among the group members. An online message forum allows the members to communicate with each other between meetings, so that brainstorming, action planning, and implementation support occurs 24/7 throughout the 90 day mastermind group.

A 90-day mastermind group can kick-start the members, gain rapid connection, and show fast results. This keeps members coming back for more!

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Free Video Tutorial

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