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Facilitating introverts and extroverts

By Karyn Greenstreet

We all know there are two personality styles, introverts and extroverts — and they are polar opposites of each other, right? I wish it were that simple. Introversion and extroversion […]

Group of People Talking

By Karyn Greenstreet

I have strong beliefs about the role of a mastermind group facilitator, and the primary one is: It’s Not All About YOU. The role of the facilitator The job of […]

I’ve been running mastermind groups since 1995, and I’ve seen groups of all sizes. Some as small as four and some as large as 150. However, there is an ideal size […]

People always ask me: Is it a true mastermind group if people don’t get to be in the Hot Seat at every meeting? I believe the key indicator of a “true […]

Mastermind groups are an extraordinary way to help you accomplish success is your personal and business life. But I’ve seen too many mastermind groups fail, falling off the face of […]

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