Understanding Imposter Syndrome with guest Dr. Jennifer Hunt
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Understanding Imposter Syndrome with guest Dr. Jennifer Hunt

By Karyn Greenstreet

Many mastermind group members deal with imposter syndrome, so I asked my special guest, Jennifer Hunt, to share her wisdom about what imposter syndrome is, how it shows up in people, and what effect it has on people’s personal and professional lives. In your work as a mastermind group facilitator, consultant or coach, you’ll see this show up with your clients. It can hold them back from making wise decisions or taking action on their goals.

Below is the 17-minute video of our conversation. Grab a cup of coffee and your note-taking tools!

You can pick up Jennifer’s book, Unlocking Your Authentic Self, here on Amazon. And here’s Jennifer’s website where you can learn more about her work with emerging and aspiring leaders.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Imposter Syndrome with guest Dr. Jennifer Hunt”

  1. Stacy Lennon says:

    Wonderful conversation! I just ordered Dr. Hunt’s book – thank you! 🙂

    1. Karyn Greenstreet says:

      I’m glad you found the interview helpful, Stacy!

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