When Is It Time to Leave Your Mastermind Group?
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When Is It Time to Leave Your Mastermind Group?

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By Karyn Greenstreet

In every life, transition and transformation become inevitable. So, too, with your membership in your mastermind group.

Here’s what I say in my class about why people leave a group (and when to know it’s time):

  • You find that you are not excited about going to meetings…or worse, you dread going
  • You find that you cannot trust some of the members of the group
  • You find that you cannot be completely authentic in the group
  • You find that your brainstorming needs are not being met in the group (you’ve outgrown them)
  • You find that your goals have changed and this group is no longer the right group for you
  • You find that the group is not holding you accountable (they’re letting you slide)
  • You find that you don’t want to participate in discussions when someone else is on the Hot Seat
  • You have nothing more to mastermind about, and you don’t want to be on the Hot Seat
  • You resist setting action plans or making goals
  • You have achieved success and don’t feel you need the same level of support that you needed earlier in your life/business
  • You simply want a break from masterminding

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a break from your mastermind group, or having members want to leave your mastermind group. Once you know that being part of a mastermind group no longer suits your needs, talk to the group about it and exit gracefully.

And for those of you who are Facilitators of mastermind groups, pay attention to some of the warning signs and then speak with your member about their role in the group.

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4 thoughts on “When Is It Time to Leave Your Mastermind Group?”

  1. Patty M says:

    This is so helpful! I haven’t really felt right about the group I am in and I couldn’t put my finger on it. It feels sad because we’ve been toghether for over a year but I can see that this mastermind group doesn’t work for me any more.

  2. Diana Schneidman says:

    It’s so sad when a mastermind group falls apart. It’s really a relationship that has developed and has gone as far as it is going to go.

    How do you recommend that people leave a mastermind? Announce their decision? Slowly decrease their participation over time?


    1. Hi, Diana,

      I think a member who is leaving a mastermind group needs to announce it to the group and leave in a clean-cut way. Decreasing participation over time only makes the other members curious and question what’s going on. Once you’ve made the decision, inform the group that as of a certain date, you won’t be participating any longer. Depending on your relationship with the group, you may or may not care to express either your reasons for leaving and/or what benefit you got from being a member.


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