Five Year Anniversary of Synergy Mastermind Group!
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Five Year Anniversary of Synergy Mastermind Group!

On February 1 it will be the five-year anniversary of my Synergy mastermind group. It feels like yesterday when it all started!

I can remember it: Aly and I had moved to a new home over the summer in 2015, which was exhausting, so we took a few months to just chill and get our energy back.

Then around November, we looked at each other and said, “Wow, I feel normal again. What shall we work on next?”

Within a week, we had brainstormed the basic structure of the mastermind group and educational program, including 36 lessons…which had not been created yet! But we needed to see if my folks were interested in what we had designed, so I simply sent an email to my list in early December: “Hey, do you want to join my mastermind group?” We were hoping for enough people to fill one group — and were hugely happy that we had enough to fill THREE groups!

We had about six weeks to pull it all together, both the educational content and the technology behind the scenes to make it all work seamlessly so that we could open the doors on February 1, 2016. The cool (risky?) thing I decided to do was NOT create all 36 lessons at once. Instead, I created enough lessons to get my members through the first two months. As they were consuming Month 1 lessons, I was creating Month 3 lessons. In the end, it took me 720 hours to create all 36 lessons.

But I had an entire year to do that, and I quickly learned how to get fully focused on the task at hand and not dawdle. Each week I had the task of either writing a lesson plan, creating slide decks, or recording the lesson. Aly had the herculean task of getting everything rendered and organized on the learning management platform. We had lots of help, encouragement, and advice along the way, for which I’m deeply grateful.

So, here we are, five years later — and some of the original members are still with us. What an amazing journey it’s been! Sending much love to all my current and past Synergy members — YOU ROCK!!

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