I'm an Introvert - Can I Be a Mastermind Group Facilitator?
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I’m an Introvert – Can I Be a Good Mastermind Group Facilitator?

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By Karyn Greenstreet

I get this question all the time. People figure if they’re “shy” or if they need to rest after being around a group of people, that they’re not cut out to lead a mastermind group.

I’m happy to admit that I’m an introvert myself, and I’ve been creating and running mastermind groups since 1995. If I can do it, so can you!

Maybe we should first define “introvert,” right?

Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you are shy. What it means is that you draw your strength and energy from your internal self, not other people. While extroverts gain energy by being around people, introverts expend energy by being around people. That means that introverts can give their all in meetings, and then you need a rest break after being with your mastermind group.

Introverts are strong. They rely on their own internal intelligence to perceive things clearly. They’re awesome in small group settings, like a mastermind group, because they like to work closely with a small group of people and have deep, meaningful discussions. Even Forbes Magazine says that introverts make great leaders. The best part about being an introvert is that you keep your eyes and ears open to what’s around you, you can absorb and process a lot of input, and you don’t talk unless you have something worthwhile to say. All great traits of a mastermind group facilitator.

Sometimes introverts can appear shy. Actually, introverts prefer to not make idle chatter, which can make them seem shy. But get them talking about something they’re passionate about and you can’t shut them up.

Check out this great article on 10 Myths About Introverts. Then go out and form your group!

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4 thoughts on “I’m an Introvert – Can I Be a Good Mastermind Group Facilitator?”

  1. Karen Sprinkle says:

    Thank you for this article and the links. I’ve always known that I am an introvert but I had no idea that we were in the minority.

    I absolutely love this description. “While extroverts gain energy by being around people, introverts expend energy by being around people”.

    It so explains why my Wednesday’s are so exhausting – morning networking group and evening Toastmasters meeting.

    1. Karen, I read an article that said introverts made up 20-40% of the population. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  2. Cathy Presland says:

    I totally agree. I used to have a big staff and would strategically position my Introvert team members to chair meetings. So much more balanced discussion that way!


    1. Introverts are good facilitators, Cathy, because they ask the group to pause and consider things deeply.

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