Mastermind Group Retreat Weekends: A Great Idea

Whether you meet in a live group, or meet via teleconferencing or video chat, getting your mastermind group together for a 3-day Retreat Weekend will change the complexion of your group forever.

Each year, many of my telephone-based mastermind groups get together for a three-day Mastermind Group Retreat Weekend, typically starting early on Friday morning and running until lunchtime on Sunday. The purpose of our annual Retreat Weekend is to create a focus and a plan for the coming year.

The group in the photo above had been meeting via teleconferencing every month for 4 years but had never met in person. Some members have left and new ones have joined the group, but the core has stayed steady. After four years of meeting together monthly on the phone, we decided to finally meet in person.

The energy was amazing! We had gotten to know each other in small time segments, 90 minutes at a time, during our monthly teleconferences. Spending three days together took our mastermind group to an entirely different level.

Here’s a Retreat Weekend Agenda You Can Use

  • Friday morning: Everyone arrives at 9:00 AM; coffee, tea and conversation for one hour.
  • Friday morning/afternoon and Saturday morning: in-depth masterminding (one hour per member), setting one-year goals, choosing yearly intentions/themese, discussing what might hold us back.
  • Saturday afternoon: success exercise (for example, doing a Vision Board together), and setting 90-day goals.
  • Saturday night: BBQ picnic and bonfire — including burning of pieces of paper where we wrote the things we wanted to let go of in the coming year.
  • Sunday morning: presentations/training by group members on specific topics of interest. Each group member gave a 20-minute presentation on a topic that they were an expert in or a topic that they were studying.

More Mastermind Group Retreat Weekend Agenda Ideas

There are so many agenda variations you can play with during your retreat weekends, depending on what the people in your mastermind group need and want:

  1. Invite a guest speaker to come in to talk
  2. Create guided visualizations of your annual goal
  3. Ask a lightening-round of Powerful Questions
  4. Take time for quiet seated or walking meditations
  5. Set aside time for everyone to work on a big project (and report their progress to the group)
  6. Draw a mind map of a big project you want to complete in the coming year
  7. Bring in a massage therapist or reflexologist
  8. Encourage everyone to write in their journals
  9. Discuss a success book you’ve all been reading; ask how each member will apply it to their life

As you can see, a Retreat Weekend gives you a chance to mastermind to a level that you can’t do in shorter meetings. It also gives your members a chance to socialize, building stronger bonds with each other.

Facebook Page for Mastermind Group Facilitators

Attention Mastermind Group Facilitators:

I created a mastermind group Page on Facebook for The Success Alliance.

Mastermind groups are an extraordinary way to create success in your life and business (as you define the term “success”), but being the leader of a mastermind group can be tricky. Here we’ll share tips, tricks, ideas and support to mastermind group facilitators to help you start and grow your own mastermind group.

The popularity of mastermind groups is growing and here’s a great gathering place for Mastermind Group Facilitators!

Your Commitment to Your Group

Masterminding is all about being there for each other. It’s about showing up and participating deeply for every single meeting. Because of the nature of a mastermind group, a commitment is required. Your mastermind group members rely upon your participation, and you want to know that they are going to be around for you, too.

Often, new mastermind group memberships requires a commitment for a specific period of time, sometimes three months or more. Why? Because the best groups — the most effective and bonded and helpful groups, the groups that help each individual to move rapidly toward their dreams — are ones that stick together for at least three months.

In short, the more often you participate and the longer you participate, the more you will get out of the group.

Mastermind groups look for highly-motivated people who are both willing to ask for help and support, and are willing to give help and support to other people. Groups are looking for people who are ready to commit several hours per month to their own personal and business growth.

And it’s not just about showing up for meetings. True commitment means you will offer help — and ask for help — in a balanced way at every meeting. Sometimes I see group members who are great at giving advice and tips but when it comes to their own turn to be in the Hot Seat, they mumble, “I have nothing to brainstorm around for this meeting. You can skip me.” That’s not good! It’s the give-and-take among members that makes a group valuable to everyone.

Ask yourself: are you ready to create the personal and professional life of your dreams? Take this quiz to see if you are ready to join a mastermind group.

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