Are You Looking for a Mastermind Group to Join?

Looking for a mastermind group to join?

Here’s a list of all the mastermind groups that I know of who are looking for new members.

Some meet locally, while others meet virtually via teleconference or video chat.

Start 2016 right…join a mastermind group! (Or even better, start one of your own!)

How Long Will Your Mastermind Group Live?

Many people are concerned about starting mastermind groups for fear that it will be a lifelong commitment. Others are afraid to start a group that lasts only a month.

Never fear: there are no mastermind group police haunting the hallways, keeping track of how long your mastermind group stays together. I’ve been in mastermind groups that have stayed together for only 60 days (on purpose), and I’ve been in groups that met monthly for nine years.

First decide for yourself how long you would like to be in a mastermind group. Can you commit to 60 days? Longer?

Ask the other participants what they can commit to. You can always start with a short commitment and then vote to keep the group going longer after the first commitment time has passed.

I suggest that the minimum time should be 60 days, or four meetings. You need time to connect to one another, to form trust, respect and rapport. If you go for a short-term group, meet more often — like once a week or every other week. This gives you plenty of time to get to know one another, to mastermind together, setting goals, making plans and implementing them towards success.

My personal preference is for mastermind groups to last for at least a year. This gives you time to plan and implement large goals: real, measurable steps to success in your life. Everyone will see progress and success during the course of that year.

While 60 days might be okay for a short project, a year-long mastermind group will give you time to think about success in all areas of your life and make some major changes. A year-long group will help you dig deeper into problems, solve them, and unravel the places where challenges persist. It allows for everyone to support each other and hold each other accountable as well.

Whether you decide to meet together for two months or twelve months (or more!), commitment is key. Every member has to make the commitment to the full duration of the mastermind group. Pay close attention to commitment issues, as well as the other reasons why mastermind groups fail.

I think there is a natural lifecycle to groups, so don’t blame yourself if your group starts to break apart. Take time to share thoughts and feelings about how the mastermind group helped each member, and perhaps have a final meeting to officially close the group and move on.

How long are you planning for your group to last?

What Really Happens in a Mastermind Group Meeting? Come, Peek Inside One

Are you curious about what REALLY happens inside a mastermind group meeting with all that creative brainstorming and accountability?

An explosion of excitement and ideas rocked a seemingly innocent hotel conference room a few months ago. Over a two-hour span, local business owners learned how to mastermind together. For many it was their first experience being in the Hot Seat and getting help from a mastermind group.

Here’s what participants said to me afterwards:

  • It was incredibly freeing, to share my ideas with the group.
  • I learned from everyone, even when it wasn’t my turn in the Hot Seat.
  • I got so many great ideas, I ran out of paper to take notes.
  • Absolutely eye-opening… I have a whole new insight into a problem that’s been keeping me up at night.

Join me for a free Taste of a Mastermind Group! (You’re going to love eavesdropping on these mastermind Hot Seats.)

In this one-hour mastermind group session, three people will be on the “Hot Seat,” bringing their challenges, questions and idea needs to the group.

This particular mastermind group session will be about running and growing a business, so it will be extra helpful to those of you who are self-employed small business owners. (But even personal and professional development mastermind groups are run the same way, so this is a great chance to peek inside a group meeting and see the inner workings.)

This will be an All-Content-No-Selling teleconference.

You can be assured that our focus will be solely on the Hot Seats and watching a mastermind group in action.

Join me on Monday, November 16 at 2:00 p.m. eastern/11:00 a.m. pacific

Come and see behind-the-curtain into a real mastermind group meeting!

Experience the power of mastermind groups for yourself by attending this free mastermind group session.

Yes, the call will be recorded. If you can’t attend live, register anyway, and I’ll send you a link to the recording of the meeting.

Register here:

If you’ve been curious what a mastermind group meeting is all about, or if you want to see how I run them with my own groups, please join us!

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